Every customer is a different client...
each property is a different property

1st Phase – Business Mediation

If you are looking for a property with specific features, know that you will probably find in our portfolio the business opportunity that may become your future investment.

Send us an email with all the details of the property you are looking for so we can check our database related to future properties.


2st Phase – Refurbishment and Turnkey

Once the purchasing process of your property from Viver com Arte is initiated, we will revise the 3D project with you, and together we will analyze all the details of the property – rooms, materials, colors, among other features. After everything is to your liking, we will then begin refurbishing the property ensuring that the process is accurately carried out, that the deadlines are met and that the highest quality standards are respected.

We guarantee you a Turnkey solution of a Dream House.



Maurício Antunes


Rua Leitão de barros nº 3, 1500 - 383 São Domingos de Benfica, Lisboa

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